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What do I need to use the wifi service?

You'll need a wireless enabled laptop or other device such as a smart phone or tablet. Most of these devices come with a built in wireless adapter card. If you are on a desk top computer you may not have one and will need to purchase one if you are going to use the service. When purchasing an adapter please be sure to check the manufacturers specs for compatibility and interoperability information.

What if I need Help?

Some hints that should work in most locations:

  1. Be sure to set your TCP/IP properties to "Obtain an IP address automatically" (DHCP).
  2. Make sure your computer is not configured to automatically use a dial-up connection.
  3. If requested, choose Infrastructure mode rather than ad-hoc mode.
  4. Use the SSID name provided by the location (wifi60901) or try choosing "any".
  5. Turn encryption (WEP) off.
  6. Make sure your battery is fully charged.

If the above hints do not work you can use the support link at the top of the page to send us your questions or problems that you are having and we will do what we can to help you out. You can also call our help desk at 815 802 - 5277

What can I do at your free hotspot?

The Wi-Fi wireless broadband connection allows you to do anything you'd do from home or the office. You can surf the Web, check your e-mail, connect to your Corporate network (be sure to use a secure VPN connection), make free Voice over IP phone calls, play online games, update your blog, and IM with your friends. If you just have a modem dial-up account at home you'll probably end up spending more time at the free hotspot once you see how much faster it is. (Your ability to send e-mail from a Wi-Fi-FreeSpot is somewhat dependent on the policy of your local Internet Service Provider(ISP) that provides your home/office internet and e-mail access - some ISPs restrict the ability to send email when not connected to the Internet directly through them. If you have a problem ask the Wi-Fi-FreeSpot location owner for their SMTP server info, or consider a web based e-mail account for use at the free hotspot.)

Is my data and e-mail secure?

You should never conduct unsecured transactions that include any account or password information over public hotspots using FTP, email, or the Web. Try to use SSL for email (POP and SMTP), or read your email with a Web browser using an SSL connection. Ask your ISP if they offer SSL secure web-based email.

Here's what the Wi-Fi Alliance says:

Wireless networks in public areas and "HotSpots" like Internet cafes may not provide any security. Although some service providers do provide this with their custom software, many HotSpots leave all security turned off to make it easier to access and get on the network in the first place. If security is important to you the best way to achieve this when you are connecting back to your office is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you do not have access to a VPN and security is important, you may want to limit your wireless network use in these areas to non-critical e-mail and basic Internet surfing.

Here's more info from the security page:

Wireless transmissions, by their nature, can be intercepted very easily. Our wireless network was designed for ease of use, and thus is not encrypted or password protected. You have the responsibility to make sure that your data is kept secure and that you use secure protocols for any sensitive material. We take no responsibility for any information that is compromised by the use of our network. Also, make sure that your computer does not have file sharing active ( for Windows - click on network settings in the Control Panel, then find and uncheck file and print sharing). Other users on the network may be able to access your files if you do.

In addition, it would be wise to use some kind of personal firewall to further protect against someone at the next table from accessing your files.

Do I need to purchase goods or services before I can get free access?

No, we are allow each user maximum of 15 hours per month. After the 15 hours is up we will ask that you pay a fee of $19.95 .


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